Malka Leifer case: pedophile brought to trial in Melbourne

Malka Leifer case: pedophile brought before Melbourne court

On Thursday, September 23, in the district court of Melbourne, a regular hearing was held in the case of the rape of minors by the ex-director of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish school, Malka Leifer, who was extradited from Israel.

The hearing was held behind closed doors.

After testifying on 70 counts of charges, the judge ruled that there was enough evidence for the jury to find Leifer guilty.

The Leifer case will now go to Victoria County. The first hearing will take place on October 21.

A sex offender facing dozens of child sexual abuse charges fled Australia to Israel in 2008. A few years later, the pedophile was arrested, but the case dragged on. After one of the examinations, she was recognized as “ mentally unhealthy '', which caused outrage in both Israel and Australia.

For several years, there were legal proceedings, until in 2020 the Minister of Justice of Israel signed Leifer extradition decree. Now she is being tried at home. Recently, the first of three victims of pedophilia testified.

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