Malaria kills 50 penguins at West Midlands Zoo

Malaria killed 50 penguins at West Midlands Zoo

A population of penguins died in the zoo in the British city of West Midlands. They all died of malaria. Writes about this edition Dailymail. In total, there were 69 of these birds in the zoo. 50 of them have already died, and the rest are infected. Veterinarians have confirmed that the outbreak has not been stopped and all Humboldt penguins will die.

Zoo director Derek Grove said the outbreak caused huge damage to his zoo. He stressed that the staff made every effort to get the birds out. However, everything turned out to be in vain.

Grove stressed that this is a huge loss for the zoo because the colony was created on its own. They started with just five chicks, which were hand-fed and raised.

Bird watchers have confirmed that penguins are particularly susceptible to malaria. They have no natural immunity to the disease, and besides, the disease is not easy to diagnose with the help of medical tests.

The zoo experts suggested that the humid and stifling weather of the past summer could have influenced the outcome of the tragedy. She not only violated the terms of penguins molting, but also contributed to the reproduction of mosquitoes. Veterinarians intend to analyze the situation and, before restoring the population, treat all reservoirs and places for keeping birds.

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