Makarevich included in the list of “foreign agents” of the Russian Federation

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 Makarevich was added to the list of

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation updated the register of individuals – "foreign agents", including the leader of the group "Time Machine" Andrey Makarevich.

On the TV channel "Dozhd" the musician said that adding him to the list of “foreign agents” It didn't come as a surprise.

“Of course it had to happen. This is already such a conditional phrase that no original meaning [is left]. These people are not “agents” and they are not “others”. It's just those who are not loved by the authorities and are not pleasing. It's such a label. It can be a six-pointed yellow star, it can be this – it doesn't change the essence,” Makarevich said.

In addition to him, the list includes: journalist Yekaterina Gordeeva, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, an associate of the opposition blogger Alexei Navalny Ivan Zhdanov, businessman Boris Zimin and political scientist Fyodor Krasheninnikov. All of them indicate Ukraine as a source of funding.

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