Mahmoud Abbas throws a daring challenge to Israel

Mahmoud Abbas is challenging Israel

The President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly and made a number of bold statements that relate to the State of Israel.

In particular, Abbas identified for There is a time limit for Israel to “leave the occupied territories.”

“Israel has one year to withdraw from the territories it occupied in 1967,” Abbas said.

The PA President stressed that if the Jewish state does not fulfill his condition, he will appeal to the International Criminal Court.

“ I say to the leaders of Israel: do not oppress the Palestinian people, and do not drive them into injection. There is a limit to our patience. The Palestinian people will remain and will not go anywhere. We will continue to fight until the occupation is over …. I challenge you. We have not yet been presented with a fair plan, which we abandoned, “Abbas said.

” I have worked my whole life to achieve peace, but we have not found a partner in Israel who would agree to make a decision. about two states. Israel's leaders ignore this decision, ”he stressed.

Mahmoud Abbas also spoke about the plans to hold general elections in the PA and called on Israel to agree to hold them in East Jerusalem.

In addition, the PA chairman commented on the escape of six terrorists from Gilboa prison and expressed support for them: “They are victims of Israeli politics. We will not leave our people, and we will continue to support them until they are released.”

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