Mahmoud Abbas: “I will do everything to prevent the intifada”

Mahmoud Abbas:

While discussing security measures in the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas said that “ even if there was a gun to his temple, he would have done everything to avoid escalation and prevent the intifada. '' The statement is loud, but nevertheless true if we talk about the entire time of Abbas's rule.

During the meeting, Abbas stressed that he was “worried about the growing sentiment in the Homesh sector and the crime of local settlers”. To which Gantz replied that the attack in Homesh aggravated the situation.

Abu Mazen said that he was concerned about the actions of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank, especially in the Jenin refugee camp, and he asked Gantz to allow the IDF to allow the security forces are more free to operate in the territories and have reduced their activity in the West Coast.

At a press briefing yesterday, Gantz explained that “ the stronger the Palestinian Authority, the weaker Hamas will be and the more control it will have , the more security there will be and we will have to act less. ” br />

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