MAGAV soldiers rescued a deer from captivity

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 MAGAV soldiers rescued a deer from captivity

Israeli border police on Sunday, March 12, arrested a 33-year-old resident of Bir Hadaji in the Negev, who illegally kept a deer in captivity and shared footage of this on social networks.

MAGAV conducted a search of the suspect's home and were able to find a deer that had been kept in poor conditions.

The deer was sent for appropriate veterinary care, and the suspect was transferred to the Nature and Parks Department for questioning.

It is not clear which deer it was, but a statement from the border police said it was a protected species.

This is not the only case of damage to protected wildlife species in Israel.

Two weeks ago, a dead vulture was found under mysterious circumstances near Moshav Jonathan in the Golan Heights, which the Nature and Parks Authority is investigating.

Vultures in Israel are endangered, and there have been cases of birds found killed by poisoning.

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