Mafia boss shot dead in new York: “for the first time in the twenty-first century”

Главарь мафии застрелен в Нью-Йорке: «впервые в ХХI веке»

New York has been a daring assassination of the leader of one of the five major mafia clans

In the prestigious area of Todt hill shot and killed Frank Cali, nicknamed Frankie Fight. And the murder of a mafia cones first registered in 1985.

It is reported that 52-year-old Kali, who was the leader of the Gambino clan, was shot six times. Moreover, the killer still moved his car. All this happened near the house of Kali.

Главарь мафии застрелен в Нью-Йорке: «впервые в ХХI веке»

The killer calmly left the scene of the massacre. Police have launched an investigation.

Mobsters in new York were not killed since 1985. Then the boss of the Gambino family Paul Castellano was gunned down on the orders of its own slave John Gotti. After the murder, Gotti became the main organization.

The publication of the New York Post notes that the murder near the house where the family lives in Cali, the unwritten rules of the mafia can be regarded as a fundamental “disrespect”.

It is reported that Francesco Cali was the main clan of Gambino in 2015. He was once convicted and was imprisoned for 16 months.

It is believed that the powerful Italian mafia of new York is controlled by the clans Genovese, Bonanno, Lucchese, Colombo and Gambino.

Clan Gambino became influential in the 1930s. It is considered the most powerful of these Italian clans.

Главарь мафии застрелен в Нью-Йорке: «впервые в ХХI веке»

As previously reported, in Kherson there was a loud murder. Was shot dead a prominent businessman associated with the former mayor, Igor Pashchenko.

“The police called a resident of Kherson. The man said that 5 minutes ago an unknown man fired several shots in 49-year-old neighbor of the Complainant and his friend. As a result of incident one person from the received gunshot wounds died at the scene, the second victim was taken to the hospital,” police said.

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Name he became known after former mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo was in a Dominican jail. Then he accused the brother of Denis Pashchenko in on her own kidnapping.

After the forcible retention of the Balances in the Dominican Republic, part belonging to him of the property was transferred to Igor Pashchenko.

Recall that in Ternopil region was the brutal murder of a schoolgirl.

As reported Politeka in Cherkasy region in the shootout with police was killed by a member of a criminal gang.

Also Politeka wrote that the last published photo of beauty Queen before a terrible death.

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