Madonna has cancelled concerts due to “unbearable pain”

Мадонна отменила концерты из-за “невыносимой боли”

Madonna has cancelled concerts due to “unbearable pain”
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Pop star struggling with injuries using ice baths.

American singer Madonna cancelled three shows in Boston on November 30 and December 1-2, through “unbearable pain”. Now the pop star is on tour in support of the 14th Studio album Madame X. News artist told his fans in Facebook.

– Please excuse me for this unexpected turn of events. Speaking daily with concerts, I get a lot of pleasure, and their abolition is a kind of punishment for me. The pain I feel now is unbearable. I need to rest and to follow the recommendations of doctors. So I can come back even stronger and continue to tour with Madame X for you all – written by Madonna on the page.

The cause of the injury, the singer said. However, in November she complained about the fans in San Francisco on “torn ligament” and “knee problems”. After a series of performances in Los Angeles Madonna

showed in the Instagram video, which takes a bath with ice. “My usual ice bath from numerous injuries” – signed video pop singer.

It is known that Madonna doesn’t like to cancel shows – it has happened a few times in her entire 37-year career. Justin Timberlake worked with the artist in 2008. The singer recalled how she injected him with vitamin B12 for the prevention.

– She gave me a shot in the buttocks, looked at me and said, “Nice top shelf”. It was one of the best days of my life, told Timberlake.

Tour Madame X was already canceled concerts

In September, Madonna moved the dates of the premiere performances in new York due to production delays. Then the star cancelled a concert in the Opera house the Howard Gilman due to injury and another in Los Angeles. The organizers explained that the cancelled show will not survive “due to the tight schedule at the end of the year.” The money is automatically returned to the credit card.

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