Madonna could play in the “Matrix”: the star spoke about the main regret in her career

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Madonna could have played in The Matrix: the star spoke about the main regret in her career

The singer attended the Jimmy Fallon Madonna show.

It is symbolic that Madonna in 1999 had to make an important choice – just like Neo himself in the movie “The Matrix”. Only the pop icon chose the wrong “pill”, reports with reference to

At the popular Jimmy Fallon show, Madonna not only shocked the audience with her appearance, but also shared unexpected stories. So, the artist was offered to star in “The Matrix”, but she refused – and endlessly regrets it:

β€œI refused the role inβ€œ The Matrix ”. Can you believe it? I even wanted to kill myself later. This is one of the best films ever made. A tiny part of me still regrets only this moment in my entire life. ”

Madonna ultimately did not reveal what role she was offered (at that time) by the Wachowski brothers, but judging by With her bold images and behavior in recent years, a pop singer would have easily handled the role of Trinity. ig_embed & amp; utm_campaign = loading
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