Madness premieres Minions-II in Israel

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 Mignon II Israel Premiere Madness

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Many teenagers around the world have been waiting for the premiere of Minions II for more than a year. On June 30, the premiere took place in Israel – and it was accompanied by riots, attacks on staff and mini-pogroms in a number of cinemas in the country.

Teenagers, inspired by trends in TikTok, bought tuxedos and expensive suits especially for the premiere.

Cinema chains report that tickets for the premiere were sold out in a matter of minutes. To meet the insane demand, the film was shown in additional cinemas. Nothing helped – in several cinemas of the country there were riots and fights between depleted groups of teenagers.

In a number of cases, only police patrols called by the cinema staff were able to restore order. However, Avi Edri, CEO of Cinema City, says: “We knew it was coming, but we didn't expect it to be on such a scale. In many places everything went well, but in some places unpleasant things happened. In any case, we are happy to return teenagers to cinemas”.

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