Macron announced a meeting in the “Norman format”

Макрон назвал условие встречи в «нормандском формате»

The French President said that as soon as he will have contacts with Vladimir Zelensky, a meeting will be convened.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that, may convene a meeting in the Normandy format with the participation of Germany, Russia and Ukraine, as soon as the rest of the political conditions, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to him, he would want to meet, and he plans to organize it. Macron said that he will meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“We will meet, I will speak with him very soon, we will have a new dialog, perhaps a visit,” he said.

According to him, as soon as political conditions will be ready this side meeting will be convened.

Defense Minister of Ukraine met with U.S. Senator

The US special envoy at negotiations on Ukraine Kurt Volker said on a possible meeting leaders “channel format” — France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia — in July, however, according to him, it is necessary to negotiate with Kiev and Moscow.

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