Machine singer MACHETE skidded on the road

Машину солиста группы MACHETE занесло на трассе

Machine singer MACHETE skidded on the road
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Yaroslav told about the shooting extreme video

The shooting of the video for the song “never run away” was held for two weeks and become not only the most long for all history of the project MACHETE, but also the most extreme. New video directed by the Ukrainian Director and screenwriter Kadimа Tarasovа.

During the change of locations auto musician in the mountains had an accident and almost carried off the track. All the events in the video unfold during the great road trips – the Altai on the main road.

We visited our favorite places where it is very difficult to drive. Got all the seasons: winter, spring, summer. Starred the whole family, brought even our dog, – says Yaroslav Small.

During the filming of the video of the accident.

We crossed mountain passes, the car was hooked over the rim and put a hole in the road, – says Yaroslav. – This is an amazing Altai: if you have something you want to do, but lose meaning and just go, without thinking, it is easy to go the distance.

According to the musician, to shoot video outdoors, suggested lyrics.

– We wanted to in the clip was not fake or plastic, that nature pointed out the naturalness of what we’re talking about. Video arouses through vision the right of the Association, so we wanted to immerse them in the environment in which they will be able to feel and understand the meaning of what we have invested in this track. All these transitions, passes, mountains, rivers, streams – all present and located in different places of the Altai. Words and music – the same real. And it helps people to get present. It was our main goal in this video – says the musician.

By the way, a group of MACHETE on 7 March in Kiev to present a new album l MPULS, which included the song “Nowhere to run away”.

Reference “KP”

MACHETE – Ukrainian rock band that was founded in 2011. Permanent soloist Jaroslav Maly. In 2012, the group took part in “Christmas meetings of Alla Pugacheva” and won the “soundtrack” for the video “Tenderness”. At the moment the band released two Studio albums.


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