Maccabi Health Insurance Fund refuses to work with Sheba Hospital

 Maccabi Health Insurance Fund refused to work with Sheba Hospital

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The Maccabi Health Insurance Fund has refused to work with the largest hospital in the country – Sheba in Tel HaShomer.

The reason is a financial dispute with the hospital. Maccabi insists that she be given additional discounts for her patients at Sheba. Maccabi is demanding rebates of several tens of millions of shekels a year – or signing an agreement to limit the number of Maccabi patients the hospital can serve.

Maccabi pays Sheba over a billion shekels a year.

Due to the fact that Sheba refused such conditions, Maccabi decided to terminate cooperation with Sheba. Now only those members of Maccabi who live in the northern and southern districts will be able to receive care in the hospital. Maccabi members from the Central District, according to the Health Insurance Fund, “have other alternatives.”

A health ministry source warned that “even if Maccabi were to introduce discounts, it would hit Maccabi members as well,” and for members of other health insurance companies, and will only lengthen the queues, it's just greed, I have no other word”.

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