Macaulay Culkin stood up for Michael Jackson: it’s time to tell

Маколей Калкин заступился за Майкла Джексона: Самое время все рассказать

Macaulay Culkin stood up for Michael Jackson: it’s time to tell [photo]
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Photo: instagram Macaulay Culkin.

The star of “home Alone” commented on the scandal of pedophilia.

American actor Macaulay Culkin stood up for Michael Jackson in the scandal of pedophilia. In 39 years, the actor decided it was time to tell, stuck to him whether the king of pop. Previously, Culkin watched in silence the scandal, although they were friends with Jackson. The star of “home Alone” even baptized his daughter Paris.

Look, just answer: he never did anything with me, ‘ said Culkin in an interview with Esquire. – I never saw that he was doing something. Now I have no reason to hide anything. He died, now is the time to tell all. If I had something to share, I certainly would have done so. But no, I didn’t see anything, he did nothing.

The actor also told the publication that many people consider him crazy, but he understands the reason for the rumors. Culkin reassured fans: he’s all right.

As there were rumors of pedophilia, Jackson

At the beginning of 2019 released film “Leaving Neverland”, on the American channel HBO. Director Dan reed told the world the testimony of Wade Robson and James Sacaca who was allegedly subjected to psychological and sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. Men said that seven and ten years old were victims of a star. Relatives of Jackson has filed a lawsuit against HBO, demanded $ 100 million compensation.

A month later came the film “Directly from Neverland,” where the Jackson family showed evidence of the falsity of the testimony against the singer. In November, the heroes of the film “Leaving Neverland” re-filed a lawsuit against the singer.

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Publication from Esquire (@esquire)

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