Macaulay Culkin commented on the re-release of the cult film “Home Alone”

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Macaulay Culkin commented on the re-release of the cult film Home Alone /> </p>
<p> <strong> The actor is not related to the project. </strong> </p>
<p>20th Century Studios yesterday showed the first official trailer for the reboot of & # 171; Home Alone & # 187 ;. Macaulay Culkin commented on the restart on his Twitter and said that he would not be participating in the new film, which will be released on November 12. However, fans of the original picture are sure that there will be no better than a tape with Culkin, reports with reference to Channel 24. </p>
<p> In his twitter, Culkin told fans that he would not appear in the remake. However, fans wrote that they really want to see him, & # 171; at least for five seconds at the very end of & # 187 ;. </p>
<p> Hello everyone. Many people ask about this today, so I will clarify: I will NOT be in the restart of & # 171; Home Alone & # 187 ;. Nevertheless, I wish good luck to everyone who participated in this, he stressed. </p>
<p> In the new film Home sweet home alone <strong> & nbsp; the main role will be played by 12-year-old boy Archie Yates </strong>, who is known to the world thanks to Taiki Waititi's tape & # 171; Jojo Rabbit & # 187; 2019. & nbsp; <strong> In the story & nbsp; </strong>, the family will leave Max in the house, flying to Japan for the winter holidays. The bandits will be a married couple who wants to steal a family heirloom. It is from them that the boy will have to defend his home. </p>
<p> Also in the film & nbsp; <strong> will be filmed </strong>: </p>
<li>Ellie Kemper; </li>
<li> Rob Delaney; </li>
<li> Timothy S. Simons; </li>
<li> Pete Holmes and others. </li>
<p> Film to be released on the Disney + streaming platform <strong> November 12, 2021 </strong>. </p>
<h2> Fan Reviews </h2>
<p> In general, fans of the first two original films are not happy with the remake: </p>
<li> & # 171; Why, if there is an original that can I view it again? There is nothing better & # 187 ;; </li>
<li>& # 171; I want a sequel with Macaulay Culkin (as an adult character), whom his wife and children left at home & # 187 ;; </li>
<li> & # 171; It looks like a bad sequel without Culkin & # 187 ;; </li>
<li> & # 171; Please stop ruining Christmas & # 187; </li>
<li> & # 171; Home Alone & # 187; 1 and 2 – the best films about Christmas & # 187; </li>
<li> & # 171; Can you do something new? And not to parasitize on the feeling of nostalgia? & # 187; </li>
<li> & # 171; No matter how hard they try, they can't beat the original with Macaulay Culkin! & # 187; </li>
<li>& # 171; Can you stop making bad remakes of cool old films and start making new good films? & # 187; </li>
<li> & # 171; They did not understand at all what was the charm of the first films & # 187; </li>
<li> & # 171; Why? Anyway, no one will play better than Culkin. Parts 3, 4 and 5 are proof of this & # 187; </li>
<p> However, despite such a reaction, viewers are sure that it is necessary to & nbsp; <strong> give a chance to the new </strong>, and also believe that that Archie will play this role well and will have something to laugh at: </p>
<li>& # 171; I do not quite understand where so much negativity comes from. Well, they make a film, well, ok. If you don’t want to watch, don’t go. From the appearance of a new film, the old one will not disappear & # 187 ;; </li>
<li> & # 171; The boy is cool, I wonder what movie will be & # 187 ;; </li>
<li> & # 171; It is interesting to look & # 187; ; </li>
<li> & # 171; Home alone is something magical, reminiscent of Christmas & # 187 ;; </li>
<li> & # 171; I won’t be surprised if I laugh at every joke & # 187; . </li>
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