Maadaney Mania: a success story

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 Maadaney Mania: Success Story

It is unlikely that there will be a person in Israel who would not be familiar with the network of delicatessen shops Maadanei Mania. 22 stores throughout the country (a new, 23rd branch will open in the very center of Netanya in the near future), own farm, meat production, high quality products, affordable prices – this is what Maadanei Mania looks like for us, ordinary customers. Who is behind the successful project and how did a small animal farm become one of the largest food companies in the country?

 Maadanei Mania: Success Story

Herman Mania initiated the creation of the company in the mid-60s. He first encountered the profession of a pig farmer when he worked in the settlements of Galilee. German Mania started his own pig breeding in 1966, and his sons Yakov and Meir Mania continued the business.
The turning point in the development of the family business was the transition from pure production to trade. This happened in the early 1990s, when a wave of Russian aliyah appeared in many cities and districts and a mass and main consumer appeared.
Mania's family realized that this buyer had a huge potential, and it was necessary to build a long-term relationship with him. Then Jacob Mania went to the most famous meat processing plants – to Germany.
He brought the experience he gained here, to Israel.
The first store was opened on the basis of a factory in Rishon Lezion, and later it became necessary to open branches in other cities. The first stores were opened on the model of European ones: the assortment was based on meat products, including pork, and among the employees there were real virtuosos who knew the tastes of capricious customers.

 Maadaney Mania: Success Story

Today Meir Mania runs a factory, a farm, and Mania & Avidan Ltd. With the expansion of the network of stores, there was a need for imports, so the company Mania & Avidan Ltd, which is engaged in the supply of products directly to the chain of stores, which ensures competitive prices for goods, in addition, the company is engaged in distribution throughout the country. located in Rishon Lezion. She receives fresh chilled meat from her farm and produces more than 250 deli meats. From here, these products (sausages, hams, hams, as well as high quality fresh meat) are delivered directly to the stores.

 Maadaney Mania: a success story

at the head of a network of stores.
Yakov Mania is not one of those businessmen for whom it is absolutely indifferent what to trade, as long as there is demand. He is one of the leading experts in the field of non-kosher meat. The Mania family has long supplied its products to non-kosher restaurants, and Mania's pork steaks are still popular today. there is no alternative, their logo is a kind of guarantee of quality.
It is noteworthy that you will not hear a bad word about competitors from Jacob Mania. He does not believe in large supermarkets of thousands of square meters, and believes that the investment in their creation, and then the huge costs of rent and taxes, ultimately fall heavily on the consumer and lead to the inevitable high cost of goods. Small stores, in his opinion, have much more room for maneuver, the main thing is to carefully plan the retail space so that the buyer has the widest possible choice. Maadanei Mania turns 26 this year!

Maadanei Mania Success Story

Today, in all branches of gourmet shops, you will also find tahina, hummus, couscous, matbucha, and dumplings, borscht, pies, which the natives have long laid their eyes on, which are loved by repatriates! Mania's family can be proud of the fact that they were the first to feed both of them!
We celebrate this birthday with renewed energy! Last year, we developed a new corporate identity, which we have already implemented in some stores. In the next few years, the appearance of all branches will change. The new style fully reflects our expectations from the new chapter in the history of Maadanei Mania – it will be even brighter, more colorful, even tastier!
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