“Maadaney Mania” – a gastronomic journey through world cuisines

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 "Maadaney Mania" - a gastronomic journey through world cuisines< /p>

Summer – travel time, meeting new countries and, of course, new cuisines and tastes. But, unfortunately, there is not always time and opportunity right now to go on vacation and immerse yourself in the carefree atmosphere of a European resort or the exotics of a distant country. We invite you to make a round-the-world gastronomic journey with “Maadaney Mania”. In our stores, customers will find a wide range of products from all over the world! Every resident of our colorful, multinational country can find on our shelves what he needs: the perfect meat for pilaf or homemade khinkali, tender chicken for Moroccan stew with white beans, real mozzarella for real caprese, corn grits for hominy, our delicious chorizo ​​in Spanish style and more.

 "Maadaney Mania" - a gastronomic journey through world cuisines

Living in a multinational country, we sometimes do not notice and do not use the amazing opportunity to diversify our taste experience at the expense of other national cuisines.

Sephardic, Argentinean, French, Bukhara, Georgian, Ashkenazi, Russian, a whole constellation of Asian cuisines, from Chinese to Thai and Indian, and not only – everyone cooks in Israel!

Every year our chain of stores attracts more and more customers with a variety of food habits and traditions. Those who come to us for a long time, for their favorite marshmallows, homemade dumplings, fatty sour cream and the “right” cottage cheese, mouth-watering smelt and smoked halibut, pork skewers and tasty bacon, they notice that something new appears on the shelves regularly!

For example, the semi-smoked sausage “Swiss” has recently appeared in the sausage department. with cheese, we make it from selected beef with small patches of cheese imitating “fat”. Another novelty – not fatty beef pastrami, for those who follow the calorie content, but still want to allow themselves all the most delicious. Be sure to try the raw smoked sausage Chorizo ​​Iberico, recently released by our factory, you will surely appreciate its spicy, rich taste. And yet, on our shelves you can find Basturma – dried meat, popular in many oriental cuisines, from Turkish – to Kazakh.

Our famous sausage department – an excellent source of ingredients for a variety of national dishes! For example, with our savory Kabanus sausages, you can cook rich bigos or choukrut! By the way, you can also buy sauerkraut for these dishes at Maadaney Mania. Our salamis are perfect for baking Italian-style pizza at home, as well as for “Hungarian salad”. And traditional Israeli
pastrami just beg for antipasti!

Does your soul ask for exquisite and non-standard cheeses? Try aged English Cheddar with whiskey, delicate Burrata with heavy cream inside, Cambozola with noble blue mold, real French Brie with mushrooms, Manchego with truffle or wine and something else that you have not tried yet. For example, the Italian Scamorza cheese.

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Use the recipes that you will find on our Facebook page and on our website. For example, cook seafood julienne with Brie cheese or bake Camembert like the French do and serve it with Vita berry jam. Serve blue cheese such as Cambozola in figs with honey.

 "Maadaney Mania" - a gastronomic journey through world cuisines

In our seafood refrigerators, in addition to the usual shrimp and squid, you will find small octopuses, and fleshy mussels on the half of the shell, and Norwegian salmon, and river fish, and ready-made seafood dishes: shrimp in crispy breading or in potato chips, like they are served in the Far East, and seafood spring rolls in clear rice batter.

 "Maadaney Mania" - a gastronomic journey through world cuisines

There is always a multinational queue in our fresh meat department. Someone is behind tender chicken fillet for Kyiv cutlets, someone is behind beef for a hearty and spicy Moroccan tagine, someone is looking forward to the aroma of Georgian ojahuri with pork and potatoes, and someone is already looking for the perfect piece for New York steak (striploin). High-quality fresh meat, be it beef, pork, chicken or turkey, makes any dish tastier, gives the desired rich meat taste. Our butchers can help make your cooking a breeze by slicing the piece the way you want, preparing your ground beef, one-piece or mixed, and even twirling the mince twice for the most tender consistency.

In our stores you will find a wide selection of ready-made national dishes: khachapuri and pies with fillings, gyoza and dim sum, khinkali and dumplings, pizza and focaccia, croquettes stuffed with mozzarella and herbs, and much more.
< br />We invite you to look at “Maadanei Mania” from a new perspective and see new opportunities in us. We supply products from all over the world, selecting those whose combination of price and quality seems to be optimal. Before appearing on the counter, all products undergo a mandatory tasting.

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