M Pokora about the Jenifer accident “she will move forward”

M Pokora about the Jenifer accident "she will move forward"
M Pokora about the Jenifer accident “she will move forward”
On August 19th, M Pokora and Jenifer will resume their role as coaches for The Voice Kids on TF1. If Jenifer before needed a rest time after the accident occurred during his tour, M Pokora wanted to reassure his fans.

Jenifer’s lead singer M Pokora on The Voice Kids told Tele Star : ” I’m in regular contact with Jen. For her, it was difficult but it is even more so for families. It’ll be fine for Jen. It took a moment to digest all that but it will go ahead. ”

Last March, after a concert in Brussels, the Jenifer touring minibus hit a car on the highway causing 2 deaths and several light injuries including the singer. Very touched by this drama, Jenifer canceled his tour and had recluse a time in Corsica , near his relatives.

On TV Magazine this week confirmed what Jenifer M Pokora with a tour declaration to the future : “I’ll move on, I want more than ever positivity going forward. I get proposals for theater and cinema. All this is taking shape nicely and I am really happy. But above all there is music still and always … with here also a beautiful project on the horizon! Music and the stage is where I draw my strength. ”

M Pokora and Jenifer will be back together in The Voice Kids as coaches of young artists . This new season of the show will start on August 19th on TF1.

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