Lyutikov announced bullying against Valieva by other students

 Lyutikov stated that other students were bullying Valieva

One of the first coaches of the Olympic champion Kamila Valieva – after her arrival in Moscow from Kazan – Igor Lyutikov declared bullying against her by other students. It all started when two girls came to the group a little older than Kamila and began to eat her morally. There was a conflict among the girls in Tallinn, and Kamila attacked her classmates.

The girls presented the situation as if Camila was to blame – she started a fight. Although it turned out later that they themselves provoked her. Camila told her mother that she no longer wanted to work in our team. Ioni was asked to join the group of Natalia Dubinskaya. And the girls quickly left the group and the sport because they didn't want to work.

Lyutikov took those girls to motivate Kamila. the situation with Kamila Valievoy at the Games in Beijing and the opportunity received for the athlete to compete in the individual tournament. “Crushing a 15-year-old child morally was a kind of cruelty. I keep my fingers crossed for Kamila, she is the goddess of figure skating,” she said in the comments of the Match.

According to Volosozhar, the Ministry of Sports, ROC will sort out the situation.

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