Lynch after marriage proposal: sentences to Jerusalem Arabs

News » Arab-Israeli conflict Lynch after marriage proposal: sentences for Jerusalem Arabs

Court sentences three Jews involved in lynching to four to nine years in prison in Jerusalem two years ago.

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced Omar Jaber, Ashraf Jaber and Youssef Jaber, found guilty, inter alia, of participating in a lynching of the spouses about two years ago in the A-Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem, each in accordance with his part, to imprisonment for a term of four up to nine years, probation and compensation to the complainants.

According to the verdict, all three were found guilty of participating in the May 2021 lynching incident in the A-Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem, in which the brutal attack Avi and Shahar Antman were subjected, minutes after Avi proposed marriage to Shahar in Beit Hoshen overlooking the Temple Mount.

Arriving at the A-Tor intersection, the rioters learned that there were Jews in the car and began to chase the car, shouting and cursing. When one of the accused, who was driving in front of the car, noticed that there were Jews in it, he braked his car. At that moment, the rioters started throwing stones at the Jews.

Shahar managed to get out of the car and call the police, the rioters, also joined by the two defendants, grabbed Avi and beat him severely in all parts of the body while he was lying on the ground. One of the rioters even stabbed the victim in the back, while the defendants smashed the windows of the car.

The incident ended only thanks to the resourcefulness of Avi, who managed to get into the car and escape from the scene. In addition to the lynching incident, two days later two defendants threw stones and Molotov cocktails at a bus heading towards Ma'ale Adumim.

The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, through lawyer Ilan Acoq, pointed out the seriousness of the incidents of lynching and throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the bus and asked for significant prison terms for the accused.

and two more participants in the events who, among other things, staged a lynch over a married couple, were sentenced, the Supreme Court recently accepted an appeal filed by the prosecutor's office and increased their sentence to 6-9 years.

Recall that Avi and Shahar Antman, through lawyer Chaim Bleicher of the Khonnu organization filed a civil suit in the district court against the terrorists Noaf Abu Elhaw and Rami Saleh al-Din, who participated in the lynch, in the amount of NIS 1,950,000.

The terrorists were convicted in the Jerusalem District Court in June 2022 under the plea bargains and sentenced to 5 and 7 years in prison. The prosecution appealed the sentence to the terrorists in the Supreme Court, and it was increased to 6 and 9 years in prison.

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