Lviv concert of the group “Time and Glass” was canceled due to possible provocations

Львовский концерт группы “Время и Стекло” отменили из-за возможных провокаций

Lviv concert of the group “Time and Glass” was canceled due to possible provocations
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The concert was scheduled as part of a tour.

Lviv concert of the group “Time and Glass”, which was scheduled for December 5 was canceled. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the activist Anton Petrovsky.

According to the source, Lviv activists are not happy with what the team at their request, have not recorded a video in which recognized Russia as an aggressor country, and the Crimea –territory of Ukraine. In order to avoid possible provocations, the organizers decided to cancel the concert.

“Time and glass”, according to our agreement, refused to record this video, says a social activist – in order that in Lviv there was no mass outrage, the organizers decided to cancel the concert.”

This is not the first concert in Lviv, which was canceled under pressure from activists. In 2016, Max Barskih interrupted his speech, to avoid provocations. In 2018 the performance of Vitaly Kozlovsky in one of the clubs also took place due to the fact that he played in Russia on victory Day. Then, Kozlowski has decided to replace Anusi Born, but soon his concert was cancelled. Similar demands were also put forward to Iryna Bilyk and Sergei Babkin. The latter was forced to cancel a concert in Lviv club of provocations.

All-Ukrainian tour “VISLOVO” group beginning October 5, with the big solo concert in Kiev. According to the schedule, the team will perform in more than 20 cities and will end the tour on December 10 in Nikolaev.


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