Luxury hotel looted in Thai resort, $2 million in damage

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 Luxurious hotel looted in Thai resort: $2 million in damage< /p>

Thai police have arrested six people suspected of a daring robbery of a luxury hotel on the resort island of Koh Samui. The robbers did not ignore even light bulbs and electrical wires. The amount of damage caused is estimated at $2 million. Law enforcers are looking for other members of the criminal group.

According to The Thaiger, we are talking about the Chaweng Blue Lagoon hotel, the construction and equipment of which cost $11.5 million. Now its estimated value has become much lower, as thieves took out material assets worth $ 2 million from 348 rooms. The criminals took everything they could remove or unscrew: electrical wires, light bulbs, sockets, tables, chairs, beds, toilets with flush tanks, water heaters, showers, curtains, bed linen, glass windows, wooden doors, air conditioners, water pumps, elevators , stair railings and even roof structures.

Every room was destroyed in the process of looting, leaving the hotel now looking like a construction site. The perpetrators left tools and empty food containers at the scene. This shows that they took their time and dismantled everything gradually.

Yommana Punsawat, the owner of the hotel, said that she had invested heavily in the hotel and the tourist site was already ready to receive guests. The opening was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the hostess did not visit for several months after the renovation.

The woman complained that she could not afford the refurbishment of the building and rooms, so she would have to put the hotel up for sale.

A police press report states that the arrested six members of the thieves' group were identified and arrested after examining CCTV cameras located nearby. Violators can face penalties of up to three years in prison and a fine of up to $165 under the Thai Penal Code for crimes against property. They may also face additional charges and fines if their actions qualify during the investigation as falling under any particular type of theft.

Investigators believe that the attackers spent about three months looting the hotel.

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