Luxury and comfort: the leading trends in the autumn-winter collection of Lafayette Italy

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 Luxury and comfort: leading trends in the Lafayette Italy autumn-winter collection

Good news for those who are already sad for the summer and think longingly about the slush and gray winter: do not worry, the fashion industry has prepared for us a lot of bright and spectacular surprises.
These days, Lafayette Italy presents its new Fall-Winter 2023 collection, colorful, unusual and luxurious, it reflects all the most catchy and daring trends of this season.
Bright winter 2023

 Luxury and comfort: the leading trends in autumn -winter collection Lafayette Italy

The trend for accent colors is back in favor and this season designers offer to wear shades atypical for winter: for example, deep purple and blue, as well as bright colors – fuchsia, sunny yellow, rich green, terracotta, which remind of summer and cheer up. A pair of shoes that stand out in color, or a bright bag that catches the eye, will come in handy not only for extravagant fans of bold combinations. Successful shades of green, red, fuchsia and purple in Lafayette Italy models will be pleasing even to a conservative eye and will easily take on the role of a necessary accent touch, refreshing any look. So you can not be afraid to experiment and without a doubt choose the most original model.
Brilliant solution

 Luxury and comfort: leading trends in the Lafayette Italy autumn-winter collection

All sorts of sparkling variations are now at the peak of fashion Olympus – gold, silver, multi-colored disco or metallic. Such shoes always look elegant and a little glamorous, this is a harmonious combination of chic with sophistication. At the same time, it fits perfectly into both evening and everyday looks.
Many brilliant models are presented in the new collection of Lafayette Italy – Here you can find timeless classics shimmering in gold and silver, and ultra-modern models in the most popular colors of the season.
Bright, accented, they will certainly add optimism and good mood on cloudy days.
Heels – this is art!

 Luxury and comfort: leading trends in the Lafayette Italy autumn-winter collection

In recent seasons, the heel has become a real art object. Unusual shapes, unusual prints – creating shoes with such heels – whole art. Shoes with fantasy heels are a 100% accent thing. Such a heel is more eloquent than words.
This fashion season, heels with an idea combine originality with comfort. Stable and comfortable heels are decorated with beautiful figured forging and large stones of various shapes and shades. If you're not afraid to experiment with style, go for fancy heels from Lafayette Italy.
High heels like slippers

 Luxury and comfort: the leading trends in the autumn-winter collection of Lafayette Italy

Modern fashion tends to comfort and convenience, it has already reached the trend level. And the shoe industry invents all sorts of technologies in order to create models that are both comfortable and spectacular. Who would have thought that stiletto heels and pointed toes could be classified as comfortable shoes. However, this was made possible thanks to the special production technology of sacchetto. This is a special technology for connecting parts when sewing shoes – The lining is stitched together with the insole, forming a kind of integral unit, which ensures the perfect fit of the shoe and uncompromising comfort. The absence of a built-in insole makes these shoes incredibly soft and flexible, and the foot moves in it as naturally as possible. Shoes seem to “adjust”

Lafayette Italy branches are located in Jerusalem, on Mamila Boulevard, in Tel Aviv on st. Ibn Gvirol, 71 (in the Gan a-Ir shopping center), in Ramat Gan, in the Ayalon shopping center, in Ramat Aviv on the street. Abba Ahimeir 17 (Shuster Center), in Rishon LeZion in the shopping center “Zahav”, in Netanya, in the shopping center “Ir Yamim” and in the Grand Canyon shopping center at 54 Simha Golan in Haifa, at the Panorama Center at 109 A-Nesi Boulevard, in the Beit Yatir shopping center; on st. Weizman, 42 in Kfar Saba, in the shopping center “Kiryon” in Kiryat Bialik.
You can also order Lafayette Italy shoes, bags and accessories with free delivery in the brand's online boutique: Russian-language Lafayette Italy Facebook page

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