Luxurious villa built 1200 years ago discovered in Rahat

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 Luxurious 1200-year-old villa discovered in Rahat< /p>

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced that the remains of a 1,200-year-old luxury estate have been discovered in Rahat.

owner of large agricultural farms in the surrounding area. This is the first find of its kind in the Negev.

During the excavations at a depth of five and a half meters, the remains of a courtyard and a system of underground rooms were discovered – along with a water cistern carved in stone, more than three meters deep .

From the central patio diverged four wings with rooms. In one of the wings, a floor paved with marble and walls painted with frescoes were found. In other rooms, stoves were found, apparently used for cooking. Various expensive items were found, including fragments of expensive glassware.

The estate was found on a piece of land between two mosques, considered one of the oldest in the world. On August 25, the excavations in Rakhat will be open to the public.

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