Lutsenko told about the role of the manger in the murder of Gandzyuk: “arrest is impossible”

Луценко рассказал о роли Мангера в убийстве Гандзюк: "задержание невозможно"

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko revealed details of the assassination of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk, which I suspect Vladislav manger

11 Feb appeared information about the alleged organizer of the crime. Yuriy Lutsenko held a briefing on which has told the media about a suspect Vladislav manger.

According to the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Kherson regional Council is the apex of this crime. The official organized the murder, because Catherine Gandzyuk interfered with his selfish interests, as an Advisor of the mayor of Kherson. Elimination had another goal: the intimidation of other activists and residents of the region.

Луценко рассказал о роли Мангера в убийстве Гандзюк: "задержание невозможно"

Lutsenko brought to the scheme of key individuals who appear in the murder case Gandzyuk. In suspicion to the Manger says that the head of the Kherson regional Council decided to commit the crime in the beginning of July 2018 on the basis of personal animosity arising on a background of activism Catherine Gandzyuk. The latter were opposed to setting fire to forests to benefit a criminal businessmen in Kherson region. The latter helped local officials and law enforcement officers.

In particular, Catherine Gandzyuk staged protests and created a stir in the media. Thereto was gradually joined by like-minded people. According to Lutsenko, it was then the Manner of organized premeditated murder of the activist way, “causing the victim physical and moral sufferings”.

The attorney General also called accomplices of the assassination. As has established a consequence, the suspect turned to his friends: Levin and Igor Pavlovsky, to find artists. These persons have agreed, having received 10 thousand UAH of expenses. In particular, means of communication and instruments of crime. For their services Pavlovsky and Levin asked no less than 5.6 thousand dollars.

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Луценко рассказал о роли Мангера в убийстве Гандзюк: "задержание невозможно"

Later joined the organizers Sergei Torbin, who got eliminated Gandzyuk with sulfuric acid. He entrusted the task to familiar. Some Gorbunov, Vasyanovych, Wisniewski and Grabchuk, who received $ 500 each. The performers followed the routes of the victim, prepared chemicals and mobile numbers.

And on 13 June the attack occurred. Lutsenko led the expert opinion according to which the activist suffered burns Dokolo 40% of the body, which soon resulted in the death of a woman. “Thus, Mangere is suspected of organizing the murder Gandzyuk, committed with special cruelty of selfish motives, to order, by prior agreement of persons” — concluded Yuriy Lutsenko.

Prosecutors will seek the arrest of the suspect. The extent of suppression will be elected at the meeting of the court in the near future. Meanwhile, Vladislav Munger is at the investigation in Kherson. While it is impossible to arrest and even detain. As noted by Lutsenko, according to the law enforcement authorities can only invite the head of a regional Council for questioning. The attorney General hopes that the manger comes to the court alone, and not have to drag to the meeting by force.

Recall weeping at the tomb of father Gandzyuk touched the Ukrainians.

As reported Politeka, Garden clashed with Gandzyuk before you attempt it.

Politeka also wrote that the father Gandzyuk has exposed the “double play” doctors: the truth about the blood clot.

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