Lunar calendar haircuts on December 2019: the days when hair cut

Місячний календар стрижок на грудень 2019: дні, коли стригти волосся

When you can get a haircut in December 2019

Lunar calendar for December 2019 will help to plan a trip to the hairdresser. Find out when you can get a haircut, the hair to grow quickly, because of this winter months will be both favorable and unfavorable days for this.

Current calendar of haircuts for the month of December certainly will not be superfluous for those who are planning to change the image. Choose a good day for a visit to the hairdresser, to change the image you did not disappoint.

When to cut hair in December

*red marked the most unfavorable days, green – favorable days for hair cut, remaining neutral to give

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9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31

Lunar calendar haircuts on December

1 Dec. On the first day of winter, pamper your hair with a nourishing mask. In winter it needs extra moisture. To prepare the mask you can at home, but if you decide to buy – then give preference to natural components in its composition.

2 Dec. On this day, it is better to refrain from any manipulation of hair.

3 Dec. To start a new week with a new hairstyle? Why not.

4 Dec. The day for the makeover. However, before you decide on drastic changes – think about what motivates you to do this. If the new hairstyle in your presentation is an effective tool of influence, or the desire to prove something to someone – then don’t even waste your time. All efforts will be in vain and ineffective.

5 Dec. To reduce the length of the hair is only in the case if you do not want it to grow.

6 Dec. Auspicious day to change the cosmetic care of hair. Choosing new tools, follow the requirements of your own hair. If the ends dry – give preference to funds with moisturizing components, if the scalp is oily – not too much to choose shampoo with the function of long-lasting freshness of hair.

7 Dec. The working week is over, and that means it’s time to pamper your hair mask from natural components. Additional moisture in the cold season will give your hair strength, and therefore minimizes breakage.

8 Dec. At the weekend, please refrain from any experiments with hair. Better take care of your hair tools – as a worker (if you are a hairdresser) and home. Remember: clean and prodazhnikov supplies a necessary condition for a beautiful and well-groomed hair. Keep this in mind.

9 Dec. To indulge in a new hairstyle, but to abuse a Hairdryer, straightener and tongs just do not. When using these tools, do not forget about thermal protection.

10 Dec. Not the best day for any manipulations on the hair. If you don’t want to spoil your mood badly cropped hair or a new color which is not suitable to you, I’ll refrain from the desire to change something.

11 Dec. This day be careful when buying cosmetic products, in particular for the hair. Pay special attention to the date of final use. Outstanding product will not only disappoint you with its performance, but may cause allergic reactions.

12 Dec. Auspicious day to change the color of the hair. Experiment with joy, but in moderation.

13 Dec. Long wanted to change the hairstyle, but hesitated, like these changes in your loved one? I can reassure you: new hairstyle not only like, but will add to your relationship even more tenderness and sincerity.

14 Dec. Beware of imitations. Shampoo or mask from the luxury segment may be the usual fake, but purchased for the fabulous price. If you’ve been wanting to try tools premium, then buy from reputable shops, where the goods are certified and original.

15 Dec. Auspicious day for trimming split ends. This hair will thank you brilliance and durability. However, you do not forget to take care of it. A few drops of olive or burdock oil into your hair an hour before shampooing and you will see the result after a few days. The main thing in this procedure, the consistency and duration.

Місячний календар стрижок на грудень 2019: дні, коли стригти волосся

An auspicious day for haircut in December 2019

16 Dec. Not too successful day for the makeover. Hair cut on Sunday is also not desirable.

17 Dec. A good day for intensive care for hair. If their condition does not satisfy you, do not rush to take up the scissors or to go to the Barber. This day of beauty will be much more productive.

18 Dec. Hair done on this day will cause dozens of compliments in your address and admiring glances. However, to attract the attention of the desired person to you, alas, will not succeed.

19 Dec. The day for individual manipulation on the hair. However, astrologers are urged to refrain from cutting hair.

20 Dec. An important step in hair care is cleansing. Pick up shampoo, really not an easy task, but, according to astrologers, this day of the month should look for a shampoo that is perfect for you. When you choose – avoid the shampoo has no harsh ingredients.

21 Dec. Favorable day for any manipulation on the hair.

22 Dec. On the eve of the holiday is to strengthen the usual hair care products. Sophisticated hairstyle for the New year will not be too effective, if the hair is groomed. While there is still a little time accumulate efforts and take care of the hair.

23 Dec. Please refrain from any experimentation with hair, it’s not the best time for external changes.

24 Dec. Very little time is left before the New year, so the way to a holiday you should think about in advance. This applies not only clothes, shoes and accessories, but also your hairstyle. If you do it yourself and are not sure can handle it, try it for a few days – for example, today. To new year’s eve not to worry about the result, but to be sure. If you are going to get her hair done from a master, it is only in order which the maximum trust.

25 Dec. Not too favorable day for any manipulation on hair.

26 Dec. Any manipulation of the hair should be doing to proven masters. Astrologers advise to beware of pseudo hairdressers, because elimination of the adverse consequences will be long and costly.

27 Dec. Not too good it’s time to change your usual hair care products. Try this day not to buy new masks, shampoos and conditioners, to not be tempted immediately to try it out.

28 Dec. The weekend has already begun, and this means that you can deal with them. Go to the beauty salon and make your hair kind of “Spa”. For it you will not regret Shine.

29 Dec. The new year is already knocking at the door, so for a festive hairstyle should be all set. If you do not have the necessary funds – quickly go to the store and buy them.

30 Dec. Astrologers advise to refrain from any manipulation of hair.

31 Dec. This day is the appropriate allocation of time. Don’t forget that a holiday should be enjoyable not only for guests, which you cestovatele their dishes, but also for you. So come on chop salads, and ran to put on makeup. The new year is almost here. Don’t forget to use hairspray with a high degree of commit to this night don’t worry as the hairstyle.

Місячний календар стрижок на грудень 2019: дні, коли стригти волосся

When not to get a haircut in December 2019

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