Low oxygen levels in the water have caused massive fish deaths in Australia

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 Low oxygen levels in the water caused mass fish deaths in Australia < /p>

Low oxygen levels in Australia's second longest river have caused a massive fish die-off in New South Wales, conservation officials say, Reuters reports.

Thousands dead fish were discovered this week in the Darling River, between Weatherell Lake and the village of Menindee, about 1000 km west of the state capital Sydney.

Up to a million fish died in the same area in 2018 and 2019 -poor water flow, poor water quality and extreme temperature swings.

The New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment Water Division tweeted that “dissolved oxygen levels continue to be a concern for fish health” ; in the area.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said on Saturday that hundreds of thousands of dead fish have been found in the river and government fisheries officials have been dispatched to the area to assess the problem.

Footage posted on Twitter shows a boat floating among thousands of dead fish, covering the entire surface of the river.

The State Agency for Planning and Environmental Protection has warned that oxygen levels in the river could drop even further this weekend due to rising temperatures before cooler weather returns next week .

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