Louis Vuitton unveils $2,500 leather burger box – video

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 Louis Vuitton introduced a $2.5 thousand leather burger box – video

Louis Vuitton has unveiled his latest unique LV Flower Burger Box design as part of his current Art of Dining collection.

LV products tend to whet the appetite of the luxury-focused consumer. The French fashion house has confirmed this effect with a new accessory.

The box is made of leather with a floral pattern and a beige microfiber lining on the inside, as well as a functional button closure. The set contains six coasters in the colors of the hamburger: green symbolizes lettuce, red tomato, yellow cheese, etc. This luxury item is priced at $2,580.

Part of the permanent Art of Dining collection, the hamburger box is complemented by a popcorn basket, plates, a cocktail shaker and, of course, a set of straws.

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