Louis Vuitton caught in new 'V' scandal

News » Life Style Louis Vuitton is in another scandal with the letter "V"

The scandal with the popular French brand Louis Vuitton has again erupted online. The company is accused of taking the colors of the Russian flag and the letter “V” for the new campaign, which in the current realities is associated with Russian aggression. people write negative comments. Indeed, against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the new women's collection contains the letter “V”. In connection with the war in Ukraine, any use of the characters “Z” and "V" equates to popularizing Russian aggression.

Let's add that the Russian flag was also used for the new campaign, but in fact it is also the colors of the French flag, and Louis Vuitton – this is a French brand.
Ukrainians are outraged by such an announcement of a new Louis Vuitton collection. And the Russians, on the contrary, were pleased. In the comments under the post with the announcement of the new collection, that the brand supported the aggressor country in such a way: "Noble trolling) beautiful tricolor and V", "Sales of Louis Vuitton will rise in Russia after that"and others.

Earlier, Louis Vuitton announced its exit from the Russian market. We add that the French LVMH group includes the brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Givenchy.

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