Looks like Earth: the Webb telescope discovered its first planet

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 Looks like Earth: Webb telescope has discovered its first planet< /p>

NASA's powerful James Webb Space Telescope has discovered its first planet, and scientists say it looks like Earth.

Space Agency researchers have confirmed the existence of an exoplanet – a planet , which revolves around a star other than our Sun. This is reported by The Mirror.

The planet, named LHS 475 b, is almost the same size as Earth. It is about 41 light-years away in the constellation Octance.

NASA Astrophysics Division Director Mark Clampin said: “These first observations of an Earth-sized rocky planet open the door to many future possibilities for studying the atmosphere of a rocky planet.” with the help of Webb. The telescope is bringing us closer to a new understanding of terrestrial worlds outside the solar system, and the mission is just getting started.”

Researchers believe the discovered planet is several hundred degrees warmer than Earth and may have clouds. in two days and is closer to its star than any planet in the solar system.

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