Looked like the usual things in the past (PHOTOS)

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

They have reached us almost intact.

Everybody knows that modern life is much different from what it was even a century ago. All about technologies that streamline many of the processes associated with the life of man. However, there are a lot of inventions, which appeared several hundred years ago, but are still used today virtually unchanged, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to novate.

1. Scissors

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

The first scissors appeared over 4000 years ago. Surprisingly, for all this time, the subject has not suffered major changes. As a few thousand years ago, the scissors are two blades with handles, connected in the middle cog. Of course, over time has changed the materials slightly changed design, but it’s still the same recognizable invention.

2. The plunger

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Funny, but no one knows exactly when and for what purpose it was invented the plunger. However, it is known that the Mongolian tribes used a device that consisted of a wooden handle and a rubber valve, to steal children. You’ll laugh, but an experienced warrior galloping device was stuck to the shaved head boys and deft movement lifted it on the horse. A device similar to a plunger, was part of the Arsenal of the Japanese ninja. Sometimes the principle of air valves used for emergency coupling cars.

In short, the history of this uncomplicated subject matter is extremely varied and interesting. And despite the fact that the modern function of the plunger rather prosaic, its appearance and design have not changed: still the same wooden stick and a rubber valve in the form of a hemisphere.

3. Door handle

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

The doorknob was patented quite late in 1878. Before the advent of the handles people use bolts and hooks, but they are allowed to lock the door only from the inside. The appearance of the door handles allowed people to close and lock the doors and leave unlocked. Their appearance almost eliminated the need for storage of valuables in chests or cabinets with locks. It should be noted that the invention of 1878 was so successful that over 140 years have not changed. Yes, during this time, little change of form and materials, but the components and mechanism remained the same.

4. The toilet

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Before the first toilet in 1596, people defecate in pots and holes in the ground. It is noteworthy that the appearance of the first toilet flush not made a splash. Moreover, the invention refused to admit until then, until the device is finalized. It took as much as 179 years old.

In 1775 Alexander Cummings patented a toilet practically in the form in which it reached us. The inventor added to the model 1596, the year of the S-shaped bend allowing you to save in the toilet water, but at the same time to prevent the spread of odors. This design proved so successful that it continues to be used today. Though modern toilets has acquired some additional functions, like heated seat, integrated bidet, touch sensors and diverse ways of flushing.

5. Glasses

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Some semblance of points already existed in 1290. However, in order to make this accessory comfortable to hold on the face, it took nearly 400 years. Only in 1700, the inventors have finally figured out how to make the accessory comfortable to hold on my face. This was achieved using bent arms.

Later Benjamin Franklin invented bifocal lenses enable you to see objects up close and at a distance. Now glasses have become a cult, changed the materials of which are made of frames and lenses, but the basic idea of the accessory and the design remained the same.

6. Mousetrap

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Rodents have plagued mankind since time immemorial. It is not surprising that for many years the control of mice and rats has led to the creation of a mousetrap. It happened in 1898, and since then, the design and materials of manufacture have not changed much. However there are more humane versions of traditional mousetraps that do not kill the mouse, but only hold. However, most people who try them, come to believe that they are not effective.

Anyway, according to the researches, the trap in the classic sense is the most humane method of killing rodent. Perhaps that is why we use this device for more than 120 years.

7. Barbed wire

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Barbed wire introduced in 1874. Wire interwoven with sharp equidistant spikes were used to hold animals in a certain area. Later it began to be used for protection of buildings against illegal entry. It is noteworthy that during the years of operation barbed wire virtually unchanged. However, it made a little more humane pritupov spikes.

8. Clip

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Before 1899 there was the first clip, office workers had hard times. Documents had to sew or pierce. It took a lot of time and also spoil the paper. With the advent of staples to seal documents it was possible at the time. Despite the initial success, people later tried to improve the clip, but nothing happened.

9. Violin

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

The invention of the violin had in the 16th century. It happened in Italy. Like many other musical instruments, the design of the violin has not changed much over time. To the 19th century, the instrument was slightly modified, and the neck is lengthened, but the mechanism and the sound remained the same.

10. Train

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

In 1830 the people saw the first train. Since then began a long process of improvement of the locomotive. Over the years of its history, the trains changed their steam engines with diesel, a little modified design, the design of cars has become much safer, but overall, it’s still the same recognizable train in 1830-M.

11. Iron

Как выглядели привычные вещи в прошлом (ФОТО)

Comparing ancient and modern irons, it seems that they have nothing in common. But if you look closely, you will notice that the shape of device remains the same, and the principle of Ironing hasn’t changed much. Of course, today’s irons are much easier, they do not need to heat on the stove, but the rental remains the same boring and monotonous.


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