Look what happens if completely Nude model to draw clothes — and release to the Mall!

Try to forget the name and guess with your own eyes, whether the girl in this puzzling video real clothes or not?

Дивись, що буде, якщо на зовсім оголену модель намалювати одяг — і випустити в торговий центр!

We have an old, but fun tradition: in all interrogations in “Your favorite art, you bastards!” we whisper broken lip “Body painting!..” Now you’ll understand why, and will take with us (and even with one of the heroines of this history, know how) example, reports Rus.Media!

Artist Jen Seidel acting in this monotonous genre, summed up the model Maria, Lucietti at the blatant audacity to substitute their clear body under her brushes and paints that will create on her hips, the cheeks, and similar paps — clothing that is almost impossible to distinguish from the original. And then like this effortless to walk around the Mall (lucky one of the faceless institutions in Maryland). A noble goal: to see what would happen, or the people recognize a fake and call in the Holy Inquisition to report a completely naked woman walking in public in front of adults.

Say at once: jeans and top were painted, and the beret and boots are real. Shamefully cover up the already masked by psevdokitay Breasts Mary bravely volunteered lush scarf. What is the result of all this happened, says the bleak video shot bodurtha initiator.

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