Look like a unicorn: a new species of fish discovered

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 Looks like a unicorn: new fish species discovered

Researchers have discovered a unicorn-like chimera fish in Chinese caves.

Scientists have been studying the species Sinocyclocheilus, which is found only in China, Live Science reports.Researchers have discovered new chimera fish in the mountainous province of Guizhou.

The body of the discovered fish is not covered with scales, and there is a horn on the forehead. According to scientists, the fish may be blind, as this species lives in dark waters.

The new unicorn fish have been named Sinocyclocheilus longicornus – the name from Latin, translated as “long” and “a horn on the forehead.” These horns, according to scientists, may differ and look different in different species.

Scientists do not yet know what function these horns perform.

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