London court sentences police rapist to 32 years in prison

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 London court sentences police rapist to 32 years in prison

A former London police officer was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Tuesday for a “horrific string of rapes and abuse of women” for almost two decades. The case provoked a high-profile, engulfing the UK's largest police force.

David Carrick, who worked for the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection of the Metropolitan Police, used his position to intimidate the victims, saying that no one would believe their words against a serving officer , according to the prosecutor's indictment.

One victim told the court that Carrick threatened her with his baton and also sent her a photo of his service weapon with the words: “Remember, I'm the boss.”

“I was too scared to go to the police and file a lawsuit, as Carrick drummed into me that “he is the police and the law, and I belong to him.” I was convinced that the police would not believe me, — said the victim in a written statement.

The 48-year-old has previously pleaded guilty to 49 charges against 12 victims between 2003 and 2020, making him one of the UK's most notorious sex offenders.

Carrick appeared before Southwark Crown Court in London on Tuesday , and Judge Bobby Cheema-Grubb gave him 36 life sentences with a minimum sentence of 32 years, minus the time he had already served in prison during the investigation.

The Hertfordshire Police, who led the investigation into Carrick, said that the investigation was ongoing and urged anyone who considers themselves a victim of Carrick to report it.

UK Home Secretary Swella Braverman called Carrick's crimes a “scar”. to the police, stating, “It's vital for us to find out how he could have been in uniform for so long.” ;at least 71 cases of serious sexual crimes”, including 48 rapes.

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