London airports cancel flights due to snowfall

News » Incidents London airports canceled a number of flights due to snowfall

Most flights were canceled or delayed at London Gatwick Airport due to snowfall, at least 25 flights were canceled at Heathrow, according to Sky News.

The UK Met Office has issued several amber warnings for snow and ice which could lead to slip and fall injuries and disruption to air travel.

that in most places the snowfall will last until Friday, and the yellow snow warning applies to all of Britain north of Birmingham from 3 am Thursday to 6 pm Friday.


Several planes are reported to be in the parking lot near London City, Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London.

At Gatwick Airport, the vast majority of flights will either be delayed or canceled for the next six hours.

Heathrow Airport has canceled at least 25 flights.

Airport disruptions are also observed in other regions. In particular, due to snowfall, Bristol Airport temporarily suspended operations.

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