Lomachenko made a statement about the accident: “the pedal to the floor, on all pairs…”

Ломаченко сделал признание о ДТП: "Педаль в пол, на всех парах…"

The champion of the world lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko shared candid stories about his traffic accident

It turned out that the Ukrainian champion got into an accident because of his love for the drive.

Lomachenko’s next fight will take place on April 12 in United States V. Anthony Kroll, didn’t hurt anyone while driving, but he several times was on the verge.

Ломаченко сделал признание о ДТП: "Педаль в пол, на всех парах…"

“I Several times got into an accident. A serious accident, thank God, was not, but was such that the face could be.”

Boxer almost drove into a pole after a successful 2008 Olympic games.

“One time I was run off the road. After the Olympic games 2008 I society “Kolos” gave Honda Acsord. I think we ought to take a ride. We have one straight long road and I pedal to the floor, on all pairs… I, for some reason, later slowed down, did not calculate the speed, braking distance and flew off the road into the curb, over the curb.

To the right was a gas column to the left sign, just left of the tree. In General, it so happened that I hit the gate, so to speak. This is my first time so carried”.

Following the accident has happened already at home boxer due to bald tires.

“Then I had a Mitsubishi Evolution. My house turn is prolonged in the form of a horseshoe, and I loved it sideways to go in. Training returned, and I had bald tires, had to change, but I went sideways. And leaving the turn, then saw the cyclist and was scared to hook. Pulled the brake and at this point I started to twist, threw off the road in a vacant lot”, — said Lomachenko its official Youtube channel Official LOMA TV.

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Ломаченко сделал признание о ДТП: "Педаль в пол, на всех парах…"

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the Ukrainian world champion under version WBO and WBA Vasyl Lomachenko shared their plans for the future and said when I retire. Boxer ready in a few years to retire, if you can achieve this goal.

About Lomachenko said during a conversation with followers live Instagram. Its main and only goal in Boxing, the athlete considers the conquest of the four zones.

Once this goal is reached – Lomachenko will retire, because for him it’s just a sport.

“I told you, for me Boxing is a sport. Any weight I collect four belts and walk away from Boxing. It could be a year, two, maybe four or five.

I’m ready to retire at 33 years old, I was five years old gloves. Not that tired, but something always ends. I have a goal in Boxing, I’m interested to compete with the Champions. Who continue to fight, if you became the absolute world champion?”, — said Lomachenko.

We will remind, earlier it became known, earned Lomachenko fight with Pedrosoi.

As reported Politeka, it became known who will fight Lomachenko after the fight with Pedrosoi.

Also Politeka told me that about Lomachenko has released a new documentary.

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