Lomachenko humiliated daring prospect: “no one knows”

Ломаченко унизил дерзкий проспект: «Его никто не знает»

World champion at lightweight, WBA and WBO Vasyl Lomachenko once again came in for severe criticism from the 21-year-old prospect Teofilo Lopez

American decided to go of media activity of Ukrainian, calling it unknown.

Lopez said that Lomachenko is not enough advertises itself, as evidenced by its low fees for fights on a professional ring.

Ломаченко унизил дерзкий проспект: «Его никто не знает»

In addition, the young American is confident that in the end, Lomachenko will ask to arrange a fight against him.

“We don’t need him (Lomachenko – ed.). When it comes to match, to us he is going to need more than we have in it.

Unlike him, I know how to properly sell. After five years of his professional career, he earns only two million dollars for the fight. And why? Because no one here knows. Don’t know what he is in life, what outside the ring.

People are interested in what sells well. But he, for some reason, it doesn’t want to do,” said Lopez in an interview with Boxing Talk.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that undefeated boxer Teofilo Lopez wants a fight with world champion WBA and WBO lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko. 21-year-old American prospect, assessed the possibility of holding such a fight and ready to fight with the Ukrainian champion.

According to Teofilo Lopez, he is not afraid of meeting with Vasyl Lomachenko, but doubts that this fight will take place this year.

Ломаченко унизил дерзкий проспект: «Его никто не знает»

“Is it possible to fight with Lomachenko this year? At the end of 2019, maybe, maybe not, to be honest. While I don’t see how this fight could take place. Saying he wants to go back to 59 kg, and I plan to rise to 63.5 kg in next year. I don’t know if the opportunity to fight.

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I think the IBF belt will be at the Commies. Then they plan to have him fight with Lomachenko. It seems that I look as young. But the fans and I want this fight. Why not make it a reality?

I think that Lomachenko did not want this fight, but we want the world title, we want to take away his title, organizing a fight. This is something that will come to see the fans, because they want big fights. I’m ready to fight with Lomachenko, I’m not afraid, I not afraid of anyone, but to be honest, I don’t think this fight will take place”, — quotes Lopez Vringe.com with reference to NBC Sports Radio.

We will remind, earlier it became known, earned Lomachenko fight with Pedrosoi.

As reported Politeka, it became known who will fight Lomachenko after the fight with Pedrosoi.

Also Politeka told me that about Lomachenko has released a new documentary.

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