Lomachenko has threatened the unconditional defeat: “to Be broken”

Ломаченко пригрозили безоговорочным поражением: «Будет побит»

Ukrainian world Boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko will be beaten by a rising star of Boxing and the winner of the WBA Super title with Gerontol Davis

This opinion was expressed by the promoter of the American, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard ellerbee.

Immediately after the successful defense of the belt Davis, reporters questioned the promoter about future plans for his young client.

Ломаченко пригрозили безоговорочным поражением: «Будет побит»

Numerous questions were asked of shear for a possible battle Davis and Lomachenko.

The American has decided not to stand on ceremony, and openly spoke about the unconditional victory of his ward over Lomachenko.

Journalists believe that the more popular will become American, the more likely it will fight with Ukrainian.

“People can claim anyone. We have no focus on a specific guy, and I’m not worried about this guy, because I’m pretty sure Geronta going to beat him. Very very confident. If this fight happens, you’ll see the same result as with Ruiz, believe me. The same result (victory Cervante – ed.). He will fight with any.

Maybe Lomachenko, and maybe someone else. Who knows? We are not afraid of anyone, we are more than confident that if we put any Servanty against Davis, you’ll see what I saw today.

Ломаченко пригрозили безоговорочным поражением: «Будет побит»

He doesn’t need a fight with Lomachenko. It will continue to go out and do what makes, then what you saw today. That’s what he needs”.

Also, ellerbee believes that his client will be able to make money with any opponent. It doesn’t have to be Lomachenko.

“Servant Davis with any fighter is gonna be a great fight because he has the star power. He’s the guy that was Floyd. It will be the kind of guy that can make money.

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I don’t even think about it. We will now give a round of applause Servante. The guy gave a wonderful performance. Star started to Shine. We’ll be right back, enjoy it, and will plan the next step”, — quotes the words of the promoter vRinge.

We will remind, earlier it became known, earned Lomachenko fight with Pedrosoi.

As reported Politeka, it became known who will fight Lomachenko after the fight with Pedrosoi.

Also Politeka told me that about Lomachenko has released a new documentary.

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