Lolita told about the hard life in Russia: “you Have to save money for bread and validol”

Лолита рассказала о тяжелой жизни в РФ: "Придется откладывать деньги на хлеб и валидол"

Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya complained about the lack of a pension, which she will pay in Russia

Their dissatisfaction with the artist expressed during transmission “Echoes of culture”. So, according to the IBA, the state may not pay more than six thousand roubles, since part of the career she spent in Ukraine. Thus, even to the minimum pension lacks three months.

Лолита рассказала о тяжелой жизни в РФ: "Придется откладывать деньги на хлеб и валидол"

“Since November I can’t count the amount of the pension. It will not be more than six thousand rubles. The fact that I can’t prove all 35 years of seniority, because of this time worked in Ukraine, and there my experience no one confirm will not” – said in an interview with the artist.

Lolita she also said that if I was a grandma, who lives on the pension she’d have had to set aside money even for bread and validol. Also the woman said that her singing career is not sobraetsja to leave and will be the case, although sometimes feels unwell.

“Blood pressure jumped all the time, but thanks to the leeches returned to normal. Six sessions of treatment performed a miracle. Now my blood pressure is normal and before the concert, after, and during the flight,” she said.

Furthermore, Lo said that many celebrities do not talk about the size of their pensions.

Лолита рассказала о тяжелой жизни в РФ: "Придется откладывать деньги на хлеб и валидол"

Earlier scandalous Lolita swearing after the concert Loboda.

In the capital of the aggressor country, where they live Ukrainka Loboda and Lolita, it took new show Svetlana. It also on its page in social network Instagram posted a video-impression of his colleagues Milavskaya.

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Lolita, do not hesitate to comment on the show mate. She praised Loboda in concert, only was unhappy with the loud sound: “Can you keep it down? Your ears”.

“Now tell me the same thing, but without the Mat”, “No, You are cool, but without a mate, well, at least the minimum, Without a mate already does?”, “Horror”, “Shame…”, “Fuuuuuuuu… BASEBOARDS, even below,” dissatisfied fans of the hero of the occasion.

The Loboda, apparently, liked the creativity expressed in this way. Video artist signed: “Umirayu. Love it!!!!!”. And put the three laughing to tears smiley.

As previously reported, Loboda frankly told about his attitude to wedding traditions. She admitted that it did not recognize some of the traditions and would like to get married in sneakers and torn jeans, and instead of the triumph would prefer to go on a mad holiday to somewhere like Kenya.

“I’m the bride, but black instead of the white ladies…” — there is such a line in one of my songs. That’s me all over. I’m different. And the fact is that today there are many: life has ceased to be a template, a cliche,” — said Svetlana Loboda in response to the question, will I ever see her fans in a wedding dress.

“I in this sense non-classical female: prefer sneakers, ripped jeans and crazy weekend somewhere in Kenya,” she said.

The singer also noted that changed their tour schedule for the kids. Now she spends at home at least four days a week, and twice a year for a month went to rest with his family.

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Recall that Lolita was stunned by the statement of the Russian Crimea: “change your Mind”.

As reported Politeka, Lolita will stand trial in Russia because of the conflict with the utilities.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda on stage fell out of the chest: photo 18+.

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