Lolita swore obscenely in the address Loboda after her new show: “in your Ears”

Лолита нецензурно выругалась в адрес Лободы после ее нового шоу: «Уши заложило»

Scandalous Lolita swearing after the concert Loboda

Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya expressed their emotions by using obscene language.

In the capital of the aggressor country, where they live Ukrainka Loboda and Lolita, it took new show Svetlana. It also on its page in social network Instagram posted a video-impression of his colleagues Milavskaya.

Caution! In the video there is obscene language!

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The incident

“I’m the bride, but black instead of the white ladies…” — there is such a line in one of my songs. That’s me all over. I’m different. And the fact is that today there are many: life has ceased to be a template, a cliche,” — said Svetlana Loboda in response to the question, will I ever see her fans in a wedding dress.

“I in this sense non-classical female: prefer sneakers, ripped jeans and crazy weekend somewhere in Kenya,” she said.

The singer also noted that changed their tour schedule for the kids. Now she spends at home at least four days a week, and twice a year for a month went to rest with his family.

Before that, we talked about the fact that Svetlana Loboda became the main heroine of the show Russian rapper Basta called Gaz Lieve. In it she commented on the personal life and affected the relationship with the frontman of Rammstein.

Лолита нецензурно выругалась в адрес Лободы после ее нового шоу: «Уши заложило»

Svetlana admitted that initially her solo career went wrong, when she arrived in Russia. Being well-known in Ukraine, in Russia it was perceived as just one of the many soloists of group “VIA Gra”.

Just after the release Loboda songs “To hell with love” everything has changed dramatically. The actress admits that now receives much more than it was five years ago, however, all her money spent on the show.

Recall that Lolita was stunned by the statement of the Russian Crimea: “change your Mind”.

As reported Politeka, Lolita will stand trial in Russia because of the conflict with the utilities.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda on stage fell out of the chest: photo 18+.


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