Lolita has complained of Ukraine in the Russian Federation: do not pay pension

Лолита пожаловалась на Украину в РФ: не платят пенсию

The scandalous Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya told about a little pension in the Russian Federation

Recall that Lolita recognised Ukrainian territory of Crimea in the program “Echoes of culture” told about his small pension, which was appointed to it by the government of the Russian Federation, reports

According to a native Ukrainian, Russia could not pay more than six thousand rubles (about 2500 UAH. — Ed) because of the career she spent in Ukraine. And to get the minimum pension, she needs to work another three months.

“Since November I can’t count the amount of the pension. It will not be more than six thousand rubles. The fact that I can’t prove all 35 years of seniority, because of this time worked in Ukraine, and there my experience no one confirm will not be”, – complained the singer.

Лолита пожаловалась на Украину в РФ: не платят пенсию

Lolita also said that if she was an ordinary pensioner, she would have to save up money for drugs, as do ordinary people in Russia. In addition, according to the artist, it is often plagued by ailments. “Blood pressure jumped all the time, but thanks to the leeches returned to normal. Six sessions of treatment performed a miracle. Now my blood pressure is normal and before the concert, after, and during the flight,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that a notorious Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya distinguished statement which blew the minds of Russians.

Лолита пожаловалась на Украину в РФ: не платят пенсию

Russia responded to the statement of the singer Lolita Milavskaya that Crimea is Ukraine. The Russians have suggested that her words caused a decrease in its popularity and demand in Russia, Russian media writes. Lolita called the Ukrainian Crimea, in an interview Крючок.TV.

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“I’m essentially a pacifist. That is, for me, there are no political games in order to please someone. I have to travel and lose a lot of time — why? I am a citizen of Russia. I checked for his passport on the territory, which Russia now considers to be his. For me, the Crimea is still Ukraine, in the shower. And when I come to the Crimea, sing in the Ukrainian language. By the way, no sign on the Ukrainian language was not removed”, — said in an interview with Lolita.

We will remind that the Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya reported that seriously ill and is now obliged to follow a strict diet.

It was also reported that Lolita took up arms against the Russian government.

Even Politeka wrote that the popular singer Lolita admitted that all did plastic surgery.

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