Locust Behavior Secrets Revealed

 Locust behavior revealed

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Israeli scientists have taken a step towards uncovering the secrets of locust behavior, which could lead to a solution to the problem of insects that harm agriculture and even threaten the very existence of millions of people on the planet.

This was reported by the press service of Tel Aviv University.

Scientists analyzed the microflora of a single locust and found that when one grasshopper is in a group of individuals of its species, in its body there is a rapid growth of a colony of Weissella bacteria, which is almost completely absent in the microbiota of a single locust. number of host insects.

According to the researchers, there is no definitive evidence that these bacteria cause the accumulation and migration of locusts. However, understanding the role of microflora in the behavior of grasshoppers may contribute to the development of new tools to combat locust infestations and prevent the accumulation of these potentially dangerous insects. and climate change could further exacerbate this problem. Recent studies showing that microflora can influence the social behavior of the host organism have led us to the idea that the sudden tendency of locusts to gather in swarms is also associated with the behavior of microorganisms living in insects, & ndash; Professor Amir Ayali said.

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