Loboda has a new “pet”: Changes the men as gloves

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, is very actively engaged in your account in Instagram

Recently, the star toured in Germany. From there, she posts sexy photos in mini dress, narrow dress, in my underwear on the back seat of the car and video performances. Then some subscribers have noticed that the singer is in a hurry for a date to the star of the German rock band Rammstein till Lindemann the the.

It has long been rumored that Loboda in may 2018 gave birth to the youngest daughter Tilda, from the musician. According to fans and the media, the name of the child confirms the paternity of the rocker, and on one of the shows of the Russian TV Loboda she admitted, the girl is a biker child.

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

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Show business

None of the celebrities has not commented on these rumors, preferring to remain silent, and meanwhile, fans are wondering from whom gave birth to the youngest daughter of the singer.

This time published the made the fans wonder, can be found to replace Lindemann. After all, the man who captured the singer on “to her long ago became her family.”

“Nick was my first boyfriend at the Eurovision song contest, he was infected with love all around and already believed and knew , what awaits us today 👀🌪
This guy has long been a part of our big Family🤲 I sincerely love you@nstepanov_official and thank you for all you do daily for me 🙌 wish you on this day pleasure from every moment , be healthy and happy !!! Kiss mom and thank you for having raised such a man!!! I’m around and you can always rely on me .love. Happy Birthday, friend”, signed the singer.

Лобода завела нового «любимчика»: Меняет мужиков, как  перчатки

A large number of users began to congratulate Nicholas and others protested that Loboda too often can be seen with different men. Also, commentators noted the similarity between the wife of a man and singer. Some even wrote. what this man is the father of Tilda:

“Fuck me as gloves men”, “Not beauty causes love, but love makes us see beauty”, “his wife like Loboda seen he is an ardent fan of yours”, “it has Long been known that he is the father”, “a Familiar hand. You’ve posted a photo with his daughters, and this hand”, “Well, now it is clear whose hand has embraced You with the Tilde pictured.”, “She’s got a ring like Hürrem Sultan”, “I think this guy is the father of her second daughter.”

We will remind, Loboda harshly criticized because of the new songs.

As reported Politeka, Loboda over the toilet caused a sensation in the network.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda pounced on the eldest daughter.

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