Loboda fully undressed and revealed Breasts: “Till lucky”

Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

Scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who now lives and works in Russia, is very actively engaged in your account in Instagram

As you know, recently the actress gave three extensive concerts in Crocus City Hall, surprising the audience and the guests of his new show “SuperStar”. The output of star every song was thought out.

The audience saw various tricks and the latest technology in the field of lighting and visual solutions.

Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

It is worth noting that the star not only disappointed fans, but also impressed his colleagues: many of the artists noted that Loboda them are pleasantly surprised. However, some singers even shared his impressions on the pages in Instagram.

And this time the actress decided to share a vivid image made during the filming of the clip. The actress posted the picture on his page in social network Instagram from a recent photo shoot, and fans were delighted and wrote numerous laudatory comments about the stars.

“In memory in Instagram… #premierglobal#tomorrow”, is briefly signed her new the artist.

Fans were delighted by what he saw and began to actively comment on such a blatant photo, strongly praising Loboda.

“Goddess, no less.🖤”, “Oh, and we are waiting for Wednesday 😋”, “All is well😉💋💋💋”, “Light you’re a gorgeous woman…a super photo”, “This is footage from a clip?”, “Tomorrow we can eat! Loboda a new dish will treat 💁 ♂ I🍳”, “somewhere in the kitchen undercooked the eggs 😅🍳”, “Cool!)) 👏👍”, “Light, kill their ideality, really)💔”, “why are You doing this to us? 😭🤤🤤🤤💔💔💔💔💔”, “Fell asleep, and how long-awaited dish? 😅”, “Svetlana, your beauty is flawless!❤️❤️❤️”, “Kill.. 😩😻 Waiting for tomorrow 🤞❤”,”)”, “Til luck all the same)” – write users.

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Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

Лобода полностью разделась и показала грудь: "Тиллю повезло"

We will remind, earlier it became known that the singer Svetlana Loboda became the vocal coach of “the Voice. Children” in Russia. The artist has managed to boast the first day on a new job.

The first publications from the filming of the show the singer shared itself on the page in social network Instagram. In their “stories” Loboda was informed that he had already finished the first day of shooting.

“The chair is soft, Svetlana Sergeevna?” – asked the artist. “Very!” – she answers. “What about the children?” – said the source. “Children are awesome!” – admiringly said Svetlana.

Also, the star shared on his page in Instagram a short video in which he showed his eldest daughter Eva. In the video you can notice how the girl is made to collect hair, as well as the assistant walks near her. The Loboda holding a phone and actively asks the daughter about the experience after the first live singing show “the Voice. Children.”

The artist asked eve who, in her opinion, today was better, the girl honestly said that she liked all the participants. After that, the singer also asked: “And how’s my babies?”, and received a laconic answer: “They are all great!”.

We will remind, Loboda harshly criticized because of the new songs.

As reported Politeka, Loboda over the toilet caused a sensation in the network.

Also Politeka wrote that Loboda pounced on the eldest daughter

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