Lobanovsky was awarded high marks in international rankings: “the top three”

Лобановский удостоился высокой оценки в международном рейтинге: «в тройке лучших»

The legendary coach of Dynamo Kiev Valery Lobanovsky has entered the top 3 ranking of the best coaches who never won the Champions League

A list of 12 trainers was established authoritative British magazine about football FourFourTwo.

Lobanovsky headed Kiev for seven years and led the team to the peak of its success.

 Лобановский удостоился высокой оценки в международном рейтинге: «в тройке лучших»

The publication claims that Lobanovsky could lead the rating, if he managed to play in the Champions League final.


“He probably would head this list if he reached the final of the Champions Cup/ Champions League. In 1999, he led a brilliant Kiev team headed by Shevchenko to the semi-finals, but lost with the score 4:3 Bayern Munich”.

In the description of the achievements of the Ukrainian coach quoted his most famous student football player Andrew Shevchenko.

“The influence of lobanovskyi on me was so strong that I still often see him in my dream”, — said Andriy Shevchenko.

Also, in the description noted analytical approach Lobanovsky and his faith in science.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the ex-forward of Dynamo told about his first meeting with the legendary Ukrainian coach Valeriy lobanovskyi. According to the player – it was a very emotional event.

Maksim Shatskikh remembered how he first arrived in Kiev and went to a meeting with Valeriy lobanovskyi.

“The first meeting with lobanovskyi? I have it still stands before my eyes. As soon as I first arrived in Kyiv, right from the airport we went to meet with lobanovskyi.

Лобановский удостоился высокой оценки в международном рейтинге: «в тройке лучших»

The first thing I broke a cold sweat. I know who I’m talking to, knew the great authority of this great man. So as soon as I saw that white head, I immediately began so well “sausage” — shares memories player.

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This meeting Maksim Shatskikh still remembers. Future Dynamo player talked to the coach about tactics and his position on the field.

“The conversation lasted seven minutes. I remember: the door opens, and I immediately see a white head Valery Vasilyevich. Talked to him one on one. It was purely about tactics, about where I see myself in the team, which role is performing which functions.

Was afraid then, I guess, or not with a particular answer. In any case, I spoke like really thought. But then worried about how correct were my answers. Time, fortunately, showed that, as they say, I’m your guy”, — said Maksim Shatskikh in an interview dynamo.kiev.ua.

Earlier, UEFA has changed the start time in the Champions League this season.

As reported Politeka, the European football Union will also create a new tournament for European clubs. Its launch is to be held in season 2021/22.

Also Politeka wrote about how much will the miner for performance in the Champions League.

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