LNG: Énergir will be out of the race for the Plan Nord

GNL: Énergir sera de la course pour le Plan Nord

The natural gas distributor Énergir will be out of the race to serve liquefied natural gas (LNG) the Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec. She will file a project with the ministry of Energy and the Société du Plan Nord.

David Laureti, senior advisor of public affairs for the Énergir, confirmed that his company will file a draft connection at the deadline to the 22nd of October next. “I’m working on the folder. Énergir account to participate in the call for proposal launched last August and including the closing date has been postponed to 22 October. “

Mr. Laureti has refused to confirm that discussions have been held with representatives of Promotion Saguenay. “We have spoken to people and the nature of discussions is confidential. We can not give our strategy on the public square. “

He added that Énergir is favourable to the expansion of its network in Quebec, in areas where there is no distribution network, and to the extent that it is cost-effective.

The company already has expertise in LNG, since it operates the plant LFR in the east of Montreal. This unit supplies the LNG to the mine Stornoway, in the north of Quebec, with truck transportation.

Mr. Laureti was not able to say that Énergir would be alone in the race. He stated that the sector of the natural gas liquefaction sector is deregulated and that multiple players are likely to submit bids.

Recall that several initiatives have been conducted in the past by Quebec to support a supply chain of natural gas to the Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec. A feasibility study initiated in 2012 for the construction of a gas pipeline from Saguenay to the North Shore, about 450 km has not been completed because of the cost of construction prohibitive for such a project and to a potential demand of natural gas is uncertain due to the decline in iron prices on the international markets.

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