Liya Akhedzhakova on the situation with L/DPR: something irreparable happened

 Liya Akhedzhakova on the situation with the "L/DPR": something irreparable happened

Russian actress Liya Akhedzhakova spoke about Vladimir Putin's decision to recognize the self-proclaimed republics of the “L/DNR”.

In her commentary for the BBC, she stated that “something irreparable has happened and the consequences could be dire.”

Pushilin, Motorola and all this horror. I think that something irreparable has happened, it really smells like a declaration of war to the whole world. This is something incredible, incredible in its inconsistency and meanness. It seems to me that the consequences will be very severe. When at the head of the country's prosperity is not the economy, but the security forces of various stripes – this is scary,” Akhedzhakova said.

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