Lived for four months at the airport: Fugitive Russians were allowed into South Korea

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 We spent four months at the airport: Fugitive Russians were allowed into South Korea< /p>

A court in Incheon, South Korea, ruled in favor of two Russian citizens who were challenging the country's migration authorities' refusal to recognize them as refugees. a group of five Russians who left Russia due to mobilization and have been living at Incheon International Airport since October 2022. Immediately after their arrival, the Russians filed applications in which they asked for asylum. The authorities refused them, believing that draft evasion was not considered a valid reason for granting refugee status.

Local human rights activists helped the Russians go to court. Human rights groups insist they are political refugees at risk of persecution in their home countries. The two Russians who won the lawsuits are expected to leave the airport as early as this week. They should be issued G-1 visas, which guarantee temporary stay in South Korea until they pass official refugee status verification. solution. In addition, the courts continue to consider the claims of two more Russians stranded at the airport.

Mobilization in Russia began in September 2022, causing almost a million people to leave the country. Since the end of October, the authorities of the Russian Federation have been claiming that the mobilization has been completed, but President Vladimir Putin has not signed the corresponding decree.

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