Live COVID-19 was traded in the Netherlands

Live COVID-19 was traded in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, at the request of the police, a website selling a “ live coronavirus '' was blocked so that people could get sick with it. Buyers were offered a kit that included a syringe with a virus and a PCR test & ndash; to check if the infection was successful. The sellers asked for 33.5 euros for the set, the local newspaper De Telergaaf reported.

places and cultural events.

In the product description, they assured that the syringe contains fresh viruses, including the latest strains and mutations of COVID-19. Of course, opponents of vaccination were the target audience of the authors of the idea. At the same time, they did not give guarantees that the person infected with the coronavirus would survive.

The police called this idea “ reckless. '' They noted that as a result of such experiments, a person can become seriously ill, as well as infect others.

“ Anyone who becomes infected with COVID-19 endangers the health of the whole society, '' the representative of the Inspectorate for health care Margrit Fernhout.

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