“Liquidation of Yahya Sinuar will not change anything”

“Authoritative Reviewer” Channel 12 TV channel Dana Weiss published an article about the mood in the Israeli military-political leadership.

Weiss reports: “About a day after the killing of three Israelis in Elad, the military establishment and even Prime Minister Bennett realized that Israel was covered by a war of terror”.

According to Weiss, the intention of the Israeli leadership was to “survive Ramadan without significant actions”, in the hope that “everything will die down by itself”. It didn't calm down by itself, and now “the prime minister thinks it's time to change the floppy disk.”

During an internal meeting dedicated to assessing the situation, the prime minister said: “The phase should be changed. Despite the difficulties in identifying lone terrorists, it is impossible to accept a situation in which citizens are killed with axes in the streets”.

Bennett told the military, “Don't worry about political considerations. We will do whatever is necessary and deal with the political implications. Hit as hard as you can, there are no barriers for you.”

Both the military establishment and the entire political system “understand the need to tighten up the fight against terror and punish terrorists, especially through legal instruments.” It is also necessary to “lower the degree of religious tension around the al-Aqsa mosque. This will be done “at the political level through contacts with Jordan and the PA”.

A senior security source says: “We are in the same situation as during the Knife Intifada, only now it is much more dangerous. There is no one center responsible for what is happening that can be marked and destroyed. Anyone who thinks that if we eliminate Sinuar the wave of terror will end, they are mistaken. Before us is the religious radicalization led by Sinuar, but he is not alone. Most likely there will be more attacks, and it will take time to cope with this”.

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